Pleiadian Channelling – re Earth Frequency Changes

A Pleiadian Channelling Update about the Earth Changes, Frequency Increases and Body Disturbances – JULY-3-2012

pleiadian channelling

Pleiadian Channelling – Green band around Earth

‘We are confirming that a super concentrated high vibrational light wave is building on the surface of Gaia. This standing light-wave has a beautiful green glow as seen from above, and started rising in the morning hours of July 3rd, and will continue to rise through this evening peaking at 11:11am EDT on the morning of July 4th to the highest levels in the known history causing the largest creation manifestation ever observed on Gaia.

You will feel this wave in the body’s magnetic field strongly as the 12 strands of DNA respond to the light-pressure-wave. Your DNA is becoming super-activated as it finishes connecting to the 12 CHAKRAS in and around the body. As the body becomes light-er (mer-ka-ba) you will experience the physical sensations of this light bath causing high levels of endorphins and adrenaline to be released.

You are doing all of this dear ones with some help from above and below! you are now in upper 3D moving past 4D onto 5D! It is time! You are ready for this blissful experience so let it wash over you, enjoy it fully and share it with others! Now is the moment of the realisation of truth, of freedom, referred to as ‘the event’! This is your great independence day!

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