Equinox Energies September 2012

We just experienced the Equinox energies on September 22nd/23rd, and bathed in the Solar Light frequencies of Divine Love and the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

No matter where we are – in cities, or towns, in the deserts or near oceans – we are all influenced and impacted by the energies of the cosmos. We don’t have to see the stars in the night sky to know that they are there, and we don’t have to see a solar or lunar eclipse with the naked eye, to know that they really happen.

The same is true of the Equinox. We may not be able to see it actually happening when we look into the sky, but our ancestors and cosmic designers knew that Equinoxes influence our daily lives and subtle body energies. When they designed our planet and helped create temples and sacred sites they ensured that the movement and influences at the time of the Equinox could be seen by the naked eye – via light that creates shadow and patterns as it moves across and along buildings and stones at sacred temples.

During the recent Equinox there was an emphasis on light and our light quotient

As a result our Light Quotient energy will increase. As it increases we can use this Divine Light to bring balance and equilibrium into all areas of our lives and share the light to enable all Life the possibility to experience the Love of the Divine Mother in compassion, peace, joy and purpose.

Energies of the SUN

We were also invited into the energies of our Sun and the Suns behind the Sun, to receive our Crystalline Shields of Light that interweave into our Divine eight-cell blueprint and our Bodies of Light. This will allow us to experience the Crystalline based Solar frequencies of our Highest Potential through the Patterns of Perfection and the Group I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light.

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