End of Mayan Calendar – gratitude for what we have

Only five more sleeps (unless we have a few naps along the way) to the big day, that has been talked about and discussed in esoteric and healing circles for many years. As we fully embody our capacity for light and embrace this new world and new Earth, I am reflecting on all that has brought me to the NOW and what I am grateful for. Off the top of my head there a five things I am grateful for – right now, in this moment:
1) I am grateful for my life
2) I am grateful that I have a roof over my head and food in my belly
3) I am grateful to be alive at this time in the history of this planet and all her sentient beings
4) I am grateful for the love and support from the other side and the invisible realms
5) I am grateful that I love the work that I do
Can you think of five things that you are grateful for and can fully embody that gratitude? Grace is loving and light filled. The more we can live in grace, the lighter we feel.

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