Aura Emanations from People and Objects

Many people think inanimate objects don’t have auras, however I regularly see aura emanations from objects as well as living things.

Some objects that display an aura are small, like a book, or a writing pad. But I also see aura emanations from large buildings and sculptures, as well as cars.

aura emanations on people and objects

aura emanations

Today as I was driving along the road, a car in front of mine had intriguing aura emanations that came from the vehicle itself and the people inside it. There were two people in the car. The driver was tall and had squeezed himself and his aura into a very confined place in order to drive the car. The front passenger‘s aura was pushed out the windscreen of the vehicle almost as if it was dancing in the wind. The aura of the car was expanding and reaching to the left of the road interacting with the trees on the road side. I am not sure whether the trees were getting energy off it, or the car’s occupants were by osmosis from the car, but all the auras were calling and interacting with the energy of the trees. Then as the car turned a sharp bend all the energies retreated and their glow dimmed.

So it got me thinking to talk about auras today. Auras are basically a luminous energy field that surrounds the physical body. Some mystics describe them as soft shimmering lights that form misty outlines. I generally see them as a glowing luminous field with colours that moves either with the person, animal, plant or object, or has a soft glow and movement that is connected to the body, but not always in the shape of the physical body.

The aura is not a subtle body in that it is a general field of energy that emanates whereas the subtle bodies are bands of energy that resonate and reflect colours and energy at set distances from the physical form.

The sense of unease we feel around certain people, or conversely the sense of communion and peace we get with others relates to the auric field and the energy we transmit into the ethers. What you pick up via your auric field through your interaction with others is very useful in work and relationships and is also a great tool for the healer. This is because the aura affects overall balance in the system and is the direct result of the physical body’s activities. Its vibrancy and hue can indicate the spiritual development and general health and well-being of a person, and interacting with it helps the healer pick up subtle vibrations and observe what is happening to and/or influencing the energy field of a patient/client. A soft fringed aura for example can lead the healer to suspect or identify that the patient/client is susceptible to the influence of others, and the healer can then help the client remedy this appropriately.

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