Develop a Relationship with the EARTH

How Do We Develop a Relationship With The Earth?

The first thing to consider to develop a relationship with the Earth is the idea that the Earth is not just a giant rock that revolves around a brilliant Sun.

developing a relationship with Earth

Developing a relationship with Earth

She is a living breathing entity like us with a consciousness and body blue print, and her genetic blueprint was designed to mirror ours and help us embody a symbiotic inter-connected relationship.

Our inter-connected relationship with Earth cannot be fully understood through scientific discovery, geological understanding or archaeological investigation as it involves invisible realms, subtle bodies, energy fields and feelings and sensations.

Earth based cultures have always had this latter kind of connection and their wisdom and knowledge of agriculture, seasons, the heavens, plants, animals and the cosmos was developed through  their inter-connected relationships. They also performed rituals, enhanced the energies and created sacred spaces.

They regularly sat with the Earth, learned how she communicated and understood the force of the four directions (earth, air, fire, water) the same fundamental elements of the structure of the universe that the scientific world calls  carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen.

To read more about her consciousness go to: ‘Becoming the New Earth’ here at

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