Doing a Vision Quest

Doing a Vision Quest is a ritual of the indigenous people of North America that was traditionally taken as a rite of passage by young men.

It involves going into the wilderness, locating a personal power spot, and constructing a medicine wheel.  After the medicine wheel is complete, the ‘initiate’ sits in its centre and formulates a question. The question may be about a current problem or situation, a task to be done, a journey to be undertaken or a decision to be made. It may also focus on the initiate’s life journey – their path, their higher purpose, their strengths and weaknesses.  Whatever the question is, once formulated, the initiate releases it to the higher realms and then meditates and prays while waiting for insight.

medicine wheel


Check out my article  ‘How to do a Vision Quest’: I wrote it for Conscious Living Magazine to share a western approach to preparing and doing a one or two day vision quest,


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