New Crop Circle Arrives in Italy

A Heavenly Solstice Gift has Arrived – in the Form of a New Crop Circle

Italy is not always known for placement of crop circles but this new crop circle changes that

It is significant because this new crop circle arrived on the date of the European Summer Solstice when the cosmic alignments have great influence on our collective consciousness. Anyone who has spent time in crop circles – those not made by Doug and Dave or others – is familiar with the cosmic energies that they embody.

New crop circle in Italy that arrived on the Solstice

New Crop Circle in Italy arrives at Solstice

Crop circles that arrive in the UK tend to locate in a triangular area in the south west, that includes significant stone circles and megalithic temples sites like Avebury, Silbury Hill, West Kennett and Stonehenge. This is no accident as the land in these areas is filled with particular geomantic alignments that foster the energetic dis-semination within the imprints of the crop circle. It will be interesting to see what crop circle researchers in Italy make of it.



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