Paulina’s Landscape Photograph

MPAC, Foreshore, Landscape Photograph

 limited edition print of foreshore landscape photograph by Paulina Howfield

MPAC, Foreshore, Landscape Photograph

On Saturday night the water was calm and the sunset beautiful, so I went out with my camera in an attempt to  take a good landscape photograph. It was busy on the foreshore as people took advantage of the warm, still evening. I met a guy called Sean who was on the boat in the image. He asked me to take a few shots of his boat, so I did and have sent him a couple of the images I took. Probably not a standard landscape photograph and more of a water scape. But he was happy and so am I. This is just one of  many I took on that particular photo shoot. You too could have a copy of this image as a limited edition print. To see other images go to landscape photographs, or to purchase this image contact Paulina by email at  and she can help you purchase it on paypal.

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