When we hurt another, We hurt ourselves!

When we hurt another what are we really doing?

Life is a mirror – when we hurt another we are really hurting ourselves as they are a reflection of an aspect of self

We are all reflections of each other, and how we individually and collectively think and feel about the world around us, mirrors who we are.

when we hurt another we hurt ourselves - This child is your child, my child and our child!

This child is your child, my child and our child!

What we do to others, we do to ourselves. What happens to another, happens to us! So what are we really doing when we hurt another person? This esoteric truth is explained beautifully in the following quote from Jeff Foster:

“As consciousness itself, when we hurt another, we are only hurting our own brothers and sisters, our own kin, waves of ourselves. We are only fighting reflections of our original Face. We are only killing the ones we love, ancient friends from long ago. Outer war has never led to inner peace. How much more bloodshed? How much more pain? How many more men, women and children must disappear into infinity before we wake up? That bleeding child is my own. The circle of life takes no ‘sides”……..(Excerpt from ‘Falling In Love With Where You Are’)


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