Art Therapy for Bereaved Parents

Creative Art Therapy for Bereaved Parents and Families

Art therapy helps with, grief, shock and loss

Art therapy helps with, grief, shock and loss

Compassionate Friends – Every year in November my local branch of the international organisation ‘Compassionate Friends’ runs a weekend retreat for parents who have lost a child. So I will once again be joining them on the 4th November to facilitate two workshops using art therapy for bereaved parents, to help them navigate the pathway of grief in the short and long term.

This year some of their media campaign is focusing on suicide to raise awareness of this issue. Current statistics suggest that every four hours someone somewhere takes their own life, and while the implications of this are far reaching, it also means that every four hours two or more parents become bereaved through the loss of a child, and every parent knows that whether your ‘child’ is a baby, teenager, adult or even a grandparent at the time of their death – they are still a child to its parents, and the loss and grief is profound.

If you know someone who would benefit from the services that Compassionate Friends offer, tell them about this organisation, it is worldwide, they offer valuable support to help families and parents in their loss and they are always ready to help:

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