Full Moon Eclipse Nudges The SOUL

Full Moon Eclipse Nudges the SOUL

Eclipses often mark the point when we get shunted back on track, particularly if we have wandered too far off the path of our Soul.

Astrologers say that eclipses are good times to forgive others and release karma, so If your life has been turned upside-down recently, you could well have been feeling the eclipse in advance, and feeling the effects of your Soul trying to nudge you back to your truth.

Pay Attention as the Eclipse Nudges the Soul

When our Soul calls out and or nudges us to action, it is important to pay attention and respond.

Are you harbouring any resentment?  Do you still feel pain in your subtle bodies from past experiences? Are you thinking about what people have done or not done, said or not said?

A candle flame is a great tool to help us align with the truth of the Soul. It helps us connect, clarify our connection and learn how to listen and respond. So this weekend, combine it with the energies of the full moon as the eclipse nudges your Soul.

Light a Candle and Use it as Your Connection

candle flame is a great tool for understanding when the eclipse nudges the soul

Candle Flame is a Great Tool

Under the light of the full moon and the energies of the eclipse, light a candle, sit quietly, focus on your breath and then watch the candle flame. Notice the candle flame – Does it flicker? Is it tall and straight? Is it moving as if in a wind or a breeze? The actions of the flame, are the mirror to your inner world, and you can use it as your guide to see how off centre you are and what you need to forgive and let go of.

Connect with your Soul, your thoughts and your emotions.  With each thought, with each emotion, with each breath, pay attention to the flame. Release, forgive, and let go. Watch the flame – using the eternal fire to see change in action!

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