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Near-Death Experiences and the SOUL

Near-Death Experiences and the SOUL

In January 2017 Paulina was a speaker at the Afterlife Explorers Conference in Byron Bay. This article ‘Near-Death Experiences and the SOUL’ is a taster of some of what she spoke about talk:


near death experiences and the soul For many people, near-death experiences (NDEs) are filled with colour, sound, vision and extra-ordinary timelessness, and the sensation of unconditional love, profound joy and deep connection saturates the cells of the body bringing permanent change.

Whether the experience involves meeting loved ones or religious figures; visiting beautiful places; a life review; or simply bathing in the light of consciousness; they provide visceral interactions with universal consciousness and the non-physical realms that are profoundly transformative.

While Near Death Experiences are generally catalysts for awakening and transformation, from my personal experience of Near death and through the research I have done, I believe Near Death Experiences are connected to the energies of the Soul – the essence or part of us that exists beyond the restrictions of time and body – and the experiences and the frequency of information that is shared is actually unique to each individual.

Near Death Experiences For Growth And Awakening

This is also true for those who have Near Death Experiences that they categorise as negative, debilitating or frightening. The Soul is always providing opportunities for growth, understanding and awakening. It does not judge the experience or place it in the 3D world of good and bad. The near death experience is simply something that was planned before incarnating and encoded into the subtle bodies to trigger memory and consciousness.

While this trigger creates profound and often permanent change, the lessons learnt and potential growth continues throughout this life and others.  In any embodiment of being a human the Soul can have its greatest impact when the individual bridges the energies of the Soul and EGO, as this – strengthens the capacity for the Soul’s work; helps the Ego surrender its hold; and enables its multi-dimensional nature to take hold and fully embody ALL THAT IS. So NDE’s can enable real expression of the Soul as they facilitate this bridge between the Ego and Soul.

Why Do They Happen

The effects of an Near Death Experience and what it teaches, is also dependent on – what a person came to do; what they were meant to remember; and why they chose to incarnate. While they awaken, prompt and teach us, I believe NDE’s are also aimed at helping Experiencers grow and develop to eventual permanent Awakening. So the experience itself is not just an indication of the final frontier and what happens after we die.  It is a prompt or nudge for what we do next. It is a trigger that we created – to help us embody the truth of who we are; incorporate that awareness in all that we do in our lives; and also prompt us to fully embrace living our dying, so that we may learn how to prepare for the Afterlife and navigate the energies that exist there and perhaps stay permanently Awake.

This understanding of why they occur and how they impact lives is important and relevant to how they are investigated and explained, because there is a purpose to these experiences that cannot be quantified, measured and tested in the investigative style of the left brain.

Near Death And A Sense Of Purpose

Many who have experienced a near death talk about a Mission; a Sense of Purpose, and/or an understanding of Something Other. This recognition of Something Other is not new. It is ancient and embodies all the esoteric and shamanic teachings as far back as we can currently remember.

It is Remembering at the deepest part of our being, that is part of the Awakening that comes with an NDE. As we remember we re-connect, we realise who we really are, what we came to do and how we can best fulfil our unique purpose. Our sense of connection to Something Other is the recognition of our multi-dimensional nature, our Soul and our inter-connectedness with all things in all realms. What the left brain questions, the right brain and heart already knows. NDE’s drop us into the heart, take our breath away and dissolve the words. Understanding them via the expressions of our Soul and engaging with them through multi-dimensional truths is a profound way to learn more about them; move deeper into the spiritual evolution of our species; and embody Consciousness through the expression of the Divine Feminine.

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