The Lion’s Gate Portal 2021

What is the Lion’s Gate Portal 2021?
How Does it Effect Human Consciousness?

The opening and activation of the Lion’s Gate Portal effects our Human Consciousness every year…and it’s meant to! It is all part of an ancient cosmic design from the Great Central Sun and Beings in higher realms – to open our minds, bodies, hearts and souls to higher frequencies; to enable our individual and collective galactic memory; and to connect us to supreme divine energies.

I have recommended connecting with the activation of the Lion’s Gate Portal on the 8th August for many years and this year I am delighted to see that more people than ever are sharing information about it, and wanting to connect at this time. How wonderful! Could it be that it is the right time in the process of our great spiritual awakening for this to Happen?

What does the energy of the Lion’s Gate Portal do?

The energy of the portal always helps us in our collective and individual journey of deep cosmic remembering, and links us to our innate galactic consciousness, Mother Earth, and the aspects of our cosmic light bodies that are connected to Sirius (read more below).

This year, the Lion’s Gate Portal also opens at a new moon, when the heavenly bodies are pulsing our physical and subtle bodies with the frequencies of Aquarius, Uranus and Leo. Which means that every single human on this planet is being pulsed with light frequencies and vibrations to help us lift our attention to a new way of Being Human that incorporates a loving heart-mind connection; joy, peace and gratitude; and a heart directed expression of living soul to soul on, and with, this planet.

What can you do as the Portal opens?

As the Lion’s Gate Portal 2021 builds and starts to open Earth’s planetary energy grid, our human hearts and our subtle bodies are being filled with Light Frequencies that come from way out in the Cosmos at the Central Sun and source of All That Is.

So why not, over the next few days, make conscious time to link into these energies. Welcome them into your subtle bodies, mind and soul. Help them light up your life, open your heart, and settle your mind, and let the energy of the Grand Central Sun reach into your heart-mind to help you develop your unique Cosmic Frequency and Galactic Consciousness.

What happens next?

Once the Stargate/Portal is fully open, the Light from the Central Sun will pass through our Sun and then through Sirius. As it does, our subtle bodies will be pulsed even more by the Light and flooded with new frequencies. These frequencies can activate that deep cleansing that our minds, bodies and cosmic heart needs. So do what you can to encourage deep cleansing and healing within and without.

On Sunday after the full opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal, the Light encoded frequencies it emits will enter the Earth grid point near the Sphinx and Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt. So send a thought to that part of our planet too.

Visualise and Meditate

Visualise this light moving out, across and through our planet’s subtle bodies and energy grids, transmitting even more encoded frequencies as it goes. This is important as the frequencies coming in via the Lion’s Gate Portal 2021 connect us to -*the ancient wisdom of Egypt;*the frequencies of the Cosmic Halls under the Sphinx; and*the mysteries of Cosmic Consciousness;  Each pulse, every light filled activation, will bring us closer to our Cosmic and Soul remembering.It is powerful and profound, and brings even more change and a potential for greater awareness. What a Blessing!

Paulina Howfield (also known as the Earth Whisperer) is a medium, clairvoyant, healer, therapist and Earth Energy Specialist. She has been interacting with the Soul Consciousness, Energetic Grids and Geomythic Templates since the 1980s and teaches about our collective spiritual awakening, the divine feminine, our ancient cosmic origins, and galactic consciousness. You can interact with her via email at the contact page, join her on facebook, and listen to her talks. She offers numerous consultations related to Earth, Consciousness, Therapy and Healing, has written a book about her energy work, and created a Soul Whispers Card Deck

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