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Ascension News, Issues and Processes

Ascension News, any issues and helpful processes are at the top of the Agenda in 2011 as the quickening within our lightbodies continues, and our push to let go and let love deepens.

Earth is Ascending. The Solar System is Ascending. The Galaxy is Ascending. The Universe is Ascending. We are supposed to Ascend together, as ONE BEING and the push is for everyone to become an Ascended Master, sooner or later, as that is the way back up the stairway to heaven. So if you feel drawn to it NOW, activate your chakras, focus on increasing your personal physical frequency and drop into living in the heart in love.

As you do, notice the change within you and others. Watch your anger and fear drop away and see the expression of love within you, mirrored in the world at large.

Keep your focus on the present moment, and let the Universe bless you with miracles. We have no power in the future because it is the present moment that matters.

Techniques for Grounding Energies While Ascending

Some people are finding it difficult to ground and stablise their energies, reduce the feelings of adrenalin, and get enough sleep. Here are two things that can help – depending on your individual make-up, vibration, cosmic ancestry and frequency.

1. Locate, and sing or hum the TONE of the grounding vibration that is particular for you. Then anchor the Ray colour of this hum/tone through the ‘physical, emotional or mental’ embodiment (whichever one or ones that resonate) and connect with the Master Ray of that colour. Hum or tone the vibration and work with the Ray Master to ground – and simultaneously elevate – your energy frequency. It discharges, stabilises and clears your
energies at the same time. Establish how often you need to this and then do it accordingly

2. Find the SEAT of your energy field (the oscillation point) and put your attention there – even in the stillness there is always movement. Try it and see if it works for you – focusing your attention on the stillness of the oscillation point, should help stop the wobble and the high adrenalin feeling.

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