Esoteric News Update

Esoteric News Update for 2011

In esoteric circles, 2011 this is the year for the Embodiment of Lightworkers, when many people will awaken to their spiritual essence and embody their role in the greater unfolding plan. This is great news for Earth and humanity and the shimmering effect of our growing light shines brightly on this planet and in the ethers. It is a great time to be present and living in harmony with the Earth and each other, and I wish you well as you travel your path in the days, weeks and months ahead that lead us ever closer to the prophecies of 2012.

While I don’t align with the viewpoint that everything will change at a certain time and date in 2012, I do believe that the encoding in our DNA around these prophecies has been influencing us for a long time and will continue to influence humanity as a collective species for many years to come.

Earth’s hertz frequency continues to elevate, the Christ Grid is active and The Unity Consciousness Grid continues to align. The elevation of the Earth’s vibration is affecting us on a daily basis, as our individual and collective experience of ‘form’ and ‘matter’ changes and our once lineal concepts of time become less ‘normal’. We are in effect gradually moving into a collective awareness that all time is NOW.

Developing Spiritual Awareness

We are also gaining more understanding, awareness and experience of synchronicity and intuitive insight, PLUS there is a global pull to become more holistic and right brained in our approach to living and interacting with the Earth. So I encourage each of you to follow your particular calling with passion, and engage with all you are asked to do with integrity and purpose.

This year it is time for me to continue with a placement and alignment of energies that I started many years ago in the UK and Europe. So from the end of March I will be in that part of the world working with people, interacting with the Earth energies and connecting with whatever the Crop Circles bring us.

I will be doing Talks, Training Workshops, Individual Consultations and Earth Energy Tours in that part of the world till the end of May and look forward to seeing you there. To find out more about the growing schedule read the Upcoming Events section below.

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