Interacting with Faery Folk and Nature Devas

Interacting With Faery Folk And Nature Devas Is Something That We Can Remember How To Do

As science became the dominant way to interact with the Earth and all her species, much of the western world stopped believing that faeries, pixies, trolls and elves really do exist, and so they were relegated to the realms of story, fable and mythology. Yet they are real beings that can and do interact with us. We just have to open our own subtle bodies and consciousness to the various ways that they communicate.

The most important, yet simple way to begin interacting with faery folk and nature devas involves finding a place in nature, sitting quietly and actively opening your mind and heart to interact with them.

While my faery and nature deva workshops will help you focus your intent, develop skills and deepen your contact, if you communicate with them regularly with conscious intent, it is possible that you can develop a personal relationship with them that will help you learn and grow.

This relationship will be unique for you. It can involve:

a) Smells or sounds in the air;
b) Birds or animals may enter your space;
c) Feathers may appear; and/or
d) You may experience changes in the wind or the Sun.

Signs like these can identify their presence and the beginning of their relationship with you. What you notice in these early days can also be the clues in your long term relationship.

Faery Folk and Nature Devas look after the Environment 

Many of the faery folk, and nature devas work under the guidance of Pan, and are responsible for the management and upkeep of the subtle body frequencies of our planet. Interacting with them is an honour and involves an open heart, open mind, and an integrity for their well-being.

They help keep the waterways open; ensure the winds are working well; and keep the energies at sacred sites in tip top condition. By listening to them, paying attention and respecting their hierarchy, you can develop an understanding of just how important they are to the functioning of the energy template of this planet. You may also learn how to look after and interact with trees; and discover what to do on any land you work with, live on, or purchase.

When we have land in our care, we need to be ‘caretakers’ that work in conjunction with the devic energies present and find out where they live and what they need from us. When we want to build on land, think we want to chop down trees, or remove or add waterways, it is extremely important to interact with the nature spirits.

In Iceland, for example, when a new building is to be created, or a new corporate development constructed, the government and construction crews interact and work with the elves, dwarves and faeries. Maps get drawn and any new building must take into account the homes and communities of the little folk. Have you been doing that on your land, with the nature spirits that occupy the same space as you?

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