Is Painting on Rocks at Sacred Sites Artistic Expression or Graffiti?

Boulder Rock is a Sacred Site to the Aboriginal people of WA, yet recent visitors have decided to paint it. I am left wondering is this artistic expression or graffiti – perhaps even defilement of a sacred place

Graffiti at Boulder Rock

Artistic expression or Graffiti at Boulder Rock

I was recently at Boulder Rock – an Aboriginal site – that I regularly visit and was surprised to find this image painted on the rocks. While my inner artist and aesthetic soul feels that they have a beauty and grace in their imagery, and also believe that whoever created them felt they were a positive and beautiful addition to the environment. How does such artistic expression sit with the Elders and guardians to this area – both Indigenous and multi-dimensional?

Was the artist unwittingly, or deliberately, desecrating a sacred site with graffiti and interfering with the energies and imprints present? Or perhaps they feel they were repeating the methods of our ancient forebears – all over the world – who were inspired to leave their mark, their message and their experiences of the world at the places they interacted with.

Are these images a reflection of the artist/s relationship and interaction with the site, and can be viewed somehow as positive? Does it signify a lack of respect and understanding for energetic imprints, and the concept of ‘sacredness’ to indigenous sites and indigenous peoples? Should the artist/s of these images be located and held accountable for desecrating such a sacred site? What do you think?

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