Personal Purpose and Identity

Paulina’s Personal Purpose and Identity in the Year Ahead

My personal purpose and identity and the focus of my work, is always about spiritual and personal growth and individual and collective enlightenment, So the energies present this year, will be inspirational for me on many levels – personally, professionally and spiritually. But what do others think? I wondered, and what do they want?

helping others and its place in personal purpose and identity

personal purpose and identity

As the internet and facebook are generally about connection and sharing, and visiting a page presumably adds to our knowledge, interests, beliefs, desires, wants and needs, I thought I would find out from you – the people who visit this page and this blog  – how can I best help/serve this purpose in 2014, as I make my posts, share information and make connections.

Many of us want, guidance, information, teaching, friendship, and assistance, as we travel along our spiritual pathways. I have skills and knowledge, thoughts and ideas, techniques and methodologies that may be of interest. So I put out my call, in the hope that you will respond to me – What would you like to know? How can I better connect with you? What can we share here? I look forward to your responses…..

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