Esoteric Workshops 101 with Matrix Harmonics

At Matrix Harmonics we deliver numerous Esoteric Workshops that teach the different ways to interact with the rhythms, sounds and consciousness of the invisible world. 

Esoteric Workshops 101 at Matrix Harmonics

Esoteric Workshops at Matrix Harmonics

From the electrons spinning around the nucleus of an atom, to the planets spinning around suns in the galaxy, everything is in movement. Everything is in vibration. And if it is in vibration, it is putting out a sound. We can hear and feel these sounds – not via our ears – but via the energies of our subtle bodies as we interact with the frequencies and movements of the ‘invisible world’ and higher dimensions. This is how we communicate and interact with all things.

All of the esoteric workshops and teachings offered at Matrix Harmonics focus on the many different ways to enter the rhythms, sounds and consciousness of the invisible world. Whether you want to learn: the ‘Pathways to the Stars’; how to Sing with the Angels’; how to ‘Interact Clairvoyantly with the Earth’; how to ‘Develop Urban Shamanism’ or continue the journey to remembering ‘Who you are, where you came from and why you are here’, these workshops can help you learn, grow and develop on your physical and metaphysical journey. Click here to learn more


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