Comprehensive Dowsing Workbook

A fantastic Comprehensive Dowsing Workbook has just been published by Wynelle Delaney

Comprehensive Dowsing Workbook by Wynelle Delaney

Dowsing Workbook

An American dowser, based in Perth WA, she has just printed a 250 page, Comprehensive DOWSING Workbook that is filled with resource lists, diagrams, how to’s, health and well-being scans, and toxic and environmental clearing programs.

This Comprehensive Dowsing Workbook has taken many years to research and produce and is a fantastic resource for learning about the skill of dowsing or extending your knowledge base. It also includes scans and programmes that will help you, help clients through the ongoing vibrational changes. If you are interested in purchasing this book, or finding out more about her other books, you can contact her at

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