Transformation Of Self Is More Than Just ‘Change’

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Transformation of Self Embodies Freedom and Renewed Self-expression:

transformation of self

Transformation of self like the butterfly

Transformation of self, is more than change, it is a complete renewal/rebirth of self, where we shed what we were to become anew. No one can do it for us, and it may take some time and may feel like a struggle, perhaps bringing up fears on the journey. But the ‘you’ that emerges is like the caterpillar transformed into a butterfly – beautiful, free to fly, and unencumbered by the past.

Remember this concept when life feels stale or you desperately want change. Be clear what you are asking for and what kinds of change you really wish to embrace. Real change is absolutely transformative and can mean losing your home, your friends, your job and all that you hold dear. While these things only happen when it is necessary and part of your journey to be free of the past and be true to your real self….be prepared when you ask for or dream of change to fully surrender to the transformation of self.

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