Can Evidence Of Sumerian DNA Teach Us About Our Past

A skeleton tested for Sumerian DNA could teach us about our past and provide some interesting evidence about what really happened in our history

A skeleton dating back to the Sumerian era has been ‘re-found’ in the Penn Museum, and scientists plan to test if for Sumerian DNA

This could provide new insights about our collective past and help us to fully resolve where the human species began on this planet. The bible shares information about the fallen angels who seeded human beings, and ancient theorists believe it to be true.

sumerian DNA can teach us about the past

Sumerian statue – Do we all have Sumerian DNA?

I also believe that we are connected to these beings. In my work as a clairvoyant and remote viewer, I have interacted with sacred sites and ancient temples across the planet, all of which contain imprints of such truths. As our spiritual evolution continues and we travel further along the path of combining science and intuition, what we discover about our real history is bound to change, and may confront us. Finding out for sure whether we have Sumerian DNA, could bring forward some new and interesting information about the real history of this planet, and our human development:


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