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Healing Land and Animals with the Arcturan Healers and Spirit Doctors

Had a great day yesterday working with the Arcturan Healers and Spirit Doctors. I was on a property that is often used by Healers and Reiki Masters. Lots of Arcturans and Master Healer energies were present, as myself and three others connected with spirit Vets, Doctors and Dentists. A dog on the property had a dental issue and rheumatism in the back, so it was great to see immediate changes in the jaw and pain reduction in the dog’s right hip.

The Arcturan Healers have the ability to increase our Light Quotient. Light Quotient is the available amount of Light energy that we maintain in our field. It is increased by: our ability to sustain a connection to the higher realms of consciousness; and maintain this connection in a stable manner.

As we raise our vibration and resonate with higher energies, we must raise our ability to anchor or ground this vibration and expand our consciousness. Arcturan Healers and Spirit Doctors teach that without this ability, we can reach peaks and valleys in our vibration, but never stabilise the new level of consciousness permanently in our life.

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