Balance of Nature will be Broken

We need to change the way we live or the balance of nature will soon be broken

Recently the spiritual representative of the people of the Sierra Nevada discussed our need to address the balance of nature with local Aboriginal Elders.

Indigenous elders throughout the world know these words of wisdom and warning, and have done for many generations.

As more people live with modern conveniences and lots of Information technology our primal connection to the Earth and Nature as a profound and fecund feminine source has been lost by many.

But their message aims to help us remember and re-connect. Earth and humanity are meant to have a symbiotic relationship. This symbiosis was imprinted into the sacred sites, into the earth, into the elements, into the cosmos and into our DNA.

Science considers us the intelligent species on this planet, yet we are the only species that consistently destroys its own habitat.

Whether we have simply forgotten our connection or are choosing to ignore it, our indigenous elders are giving us a wake up call. Its time to remember, re-connect and take care or the balance of nature will be broken.

Uncle-Bob-Kogi-Elder-discussing the balance of nature

Elders discuss the balance of nature

This link takes you to the article that discusses how ‘The Elder Brother’, the People of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta see modern cultures and technological civilisation as ‘The Younger Brother’. Now they have sent their spiritual representatives to Australia to deliver their message – ‘change the way you live, or the balance of Nature will be broken’:

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