Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Sessions, Energy Alignments and Intuitive Readings

This year why not give CHRISTMAS GIFTS THAT ARE LIFE CHANGING – and keep on giving!

This holiday season you could purchase a gift that will inspire your friends and family and help change the lives of your loved ones. Why not buy them an Energy Alignment Consultation, an Intuitive Reading for 2015, or a Past Life Regression Session that lasts for lifetimes.

These sessions and consultations have been designed to enable anyone to have experiences of the invisible world and the power for healing and personal development that they bring to our lives. Many people love the Past Life Regression Sessions whether or not they believe in Past Lives. This is because the sessions are also designed to release stagnant energies, clear fears and phobias, and develop mindfulness. Whether it is the past, future or present life that is of interest, or perhaps the time in-between lives, Paulina will help you clear old patterns, renew your energy fields and discover new talents that will help you move forward in your current life.

For more information, and to book that unique Christmas gift contact Paulina on 0439 947 109. She’d love to help you help others!

The Christmas gifts that last lifetimes!

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