Giant human skeletons

As scientists continue to debate whether or not Giant Human Skeletons are not real, the Smithsonian Institute admits that they destroyed the ones they had

Why would they destroy thousands of giant human skeletons? And what, if anything, were they trying to hide by not letting people know they existed?

Perhaps they were deliberately trying to hide evidence from the past, that could explain more about our own species?

As the truth comes out about what they did with these giant human skeletons I am reminded of a story I heard that suggests the Institute has dumped other major finds into the ocean – including artifacts that were found in the Grand Canyon. Why do they not want people to know such things exist? Is it because their existence would potentially debunk what we are led to believe about the past on our planet, and the past of our species?

thousands of giant human skulls destroyed

Giant human skulls on display

Hopefully the Smithsonian Institute will one day admit to what they did with the artifacts they found in the Grand Canyon. Till then have a read about what the did with the skeletons –

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