Living in the state of heaven can become permanent

When the state of heaven becomes permanent, when it cannot be lost, it is moksha, it is absolute freedom.

When living in a permanent state of heaven, bliss becomes your nature and heaven and hell have disappeared. Then wherever you are, it will make no difference.

living in the state of heaven

Living in a blissful state of heaven

Rajneesh called the state of heaven the third state and believed this is what we aimed for. But according to him we cannot reach the third state if we are flickering. 

If we are wavering between heaven and hell; then nothing can be consolidated or integrated. Then we live in a flux, and there is no crystallization.

Our being is liquid. Sometimes it moves to heaven, sometimes, to hell. Crystallization means you become more and more conscious, you become more and more centred, more and more grounded. Less asleep, you become more aware, and a moment comes — even when you are asleep, you are conscious. This is the state of heaven!

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