Sacred Sites with Healing Water

Healing Waters have been important to humans and animals since the beginning or our existence on this Planet

There are many Healing Springs and Sacred Sites with Healing Water all over the world. All of which vibrate with a unique frequency of Healing. But not every person can travel to all sources of Healing Water on the Planet, so most people only get to experience the Healing properties of one or two of the Healing Waters in a lifetime.

Sacred Sites with Healing Waters are not always well known:

Many celtic sites with healing waters are well known. While healing waters like the Cenotes in the Yucatan, the Sacred Lake in Karnak, and Lake Titicaca in Bolivia are growing in reputation around the world.

glastonbury well - one of the many sacred sites with healing waters

Chalice Well at Glastonbury

One of my favourite sacred sites with healing water to interact with is Chalice Well in Glastonbury. Here you can access the water from the lion head to drink, and bathe in. It has a metallic taste due to lots of iron, yet it changes a bit every year and with the different seasons. Many people love to drink this healing water on their pilgrimages  to the well and the gardens. You can also access healing waters outside of the well on the road towards Glastonbury Tor. This water is different in taste as it comes from a different spring. Both of these water sources have healing powers.


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