Crop Circle Video

This Crop Circle Video explores the relationship between the shapes that have been imprinted in Crop Circles and ancient sacred geometry

Since the crop circle phenomena began many beautiful, stunning and highly complex images have been stamped into crops, fields and water ways and numerous crop circle videos have been created.

While in Canada images appear in the frozen fields and water ways, most of the known images arrive within a triangular area in the southwest of the UK where Stonehenge, Avebury, Silbury Hill and The Kennetts are located. Their arrival has been marked with controversy about who really creates them, how they get there and what they really mean. While I have been in many that have definitely come from non-earthly sources, there are others that have been created by human hands using known tools – some for controversial purposes, others to create and enjoy art.

As the Crop Circles often start arriving at this time of the year, in their honour, to get us all ready, I thought that i would share this crop circle video of some we have been lucky to interact with in the past, and their relationship to sacred geometry and fractals:

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