Integrating Art Therapy with TA

Integrating ART Therapy with other psychotherapy models for personal and spiritual growth is something I do often.

integrating art therapy techniques with other psychotherapy practises

Integrating Art Therapy

In fact I use a wide number of modalities in my art therapy and psychotherapy practise. I love integrating my skills as an art therapist with other techniques as it enhances the chances for self understanding and personal growth. Maslow’s model of Hierarchy of Needs for example, is invaluable for helping clients understand their own personal needs. It also enables them to see how this impacts how they feel, think and behave.

In my practise I also use humanistic and transpersonal models of psychotherapy, and shamanic and energy management techniques. Here is a link to an interview I did recently. I discuss integrating art therapy with Transactional Analysis and the ideologies of Eric Berne. I also share some techniques and clarify its suitability with particular client groups: ……

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