Excavations at Tiahuanaco

Excavations at Tiahuanaco in Bolivia started earlier this year

Pyramids wBolivia_01ere constructed all over the planet and are an important part of the energy web within the sacred site template. While many pyramids have been fully investigated and researched, renewed excavations at Tiahuanaco are underway because a buried pyramid has been detected.

These investigations can help scientists understand more about who built the pyramids at Tiahuanaco and perhaps even why. We know that many of these sites display the movement of the Sun and were built far earlier than was previously believed. Yet the more esoteric messages held within the body of the pyramids, in the engravings on such structures and in their direct placement to align with the cosmos, has not yet been fully explored. Perhaps these excavations at Tiahuanaco will help us have a more esoteric understanding:http://barbaricum.net/news/2334689254286557840

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