‘Moonlight on the Old Road’

‘Moonlight on the Old Road’ – An Acrylic and Mixed Media Painting:

Moonlight on the Road

Moonlight on the old Road

“Moonlight on the Old Road”, was painted in response to my feelings about progress and the elimination of wild places on the planet. For some years at night, I chose to drive along a road that had a wild side. There were lakes that shimmered in the moonlight, white owls that flew across the roadway, and hundreds of singing frogs. Then developers stepped in. The lakes began to dry up, the water didn’t shimmer so brightly under the moon, the owls left for wilder areas, the frogs died and houses – shaped like little boxes made of ticky tacky that all looked just the same – became the feature of the moonlight. The deep purple, shows one of the receding lakes, still reflecting the moonlight, but surrounded now with houses, their rooves reflecting silver in the moonlight. The spirals and circles are the earth and her attempts to re-cover and re-grow her landscapes.

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