Painting of The Void

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An acrylic and mixed media Painting of The Void or Healing Space known to Shamans and Healers across the World.

Mixed Media Painting of 'The Void'

Painting of ‘The Void’

This painting of the void entitled ‘The Void’ describes the entrance and exit point of the unknown, sometimes dark healing space that we can all access. Any teacher or practitioner of Shamanism knows about the Void – where nothing and everything exists. It holds the knowledge and wisdom of all experiences, is part of the journey of death of self and ego and potential liberation of the soul, and is the place we go to for soul retrieval and other healing work. This painting of “The Void” explores just one of the entrance points to this other world. As the void is multi-dimensional and timeless, it is appropriate that this image is multi-layered and was born and re-born over some time, as the colours and dynamics changed in its development. To purchase a limited edition print of this image that has been printed onto high quality Quarelle Paper, contact Paulina either by phone or email, and discuss sizes, quantities and purchase price plus postage and handling costs. At the moment you can buy these via paypal, but in the new year her online shop will be open for business

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