Attuning to the Solstice

Meditations at Megalithic Sites are perfect for attuning to the Solstice energies and changing frequencies created by movements of the heavenly bodies.

Attuning to the Solstice at Megalithic Sites also encourages profound connection to the Sun’s energies, and is a good spiritual practice as well. This June Solstice was a busy time at many of our planet’s sacred sites. I checked out a few and had some interesting interactions. The Sun was pretty intense this Solstice, even though in some places on the planet, it was raining all day. But of course these sites are not just for aligning to the heavenly bodies, they are also for remembering who we are and where we came from. This is more than the ‘I am a female/male, and I was born at and I live at’ remembering. This is the esoteric understanding of the light that is our human embodiment, and our connection to the solar system and cosmos. This understanding is one of the keys to deeper wisdom in our individual and collective spiritual awakening.

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