Happy June Solstice 2015

Happy June Solstice 2015

June Solstice at Stonehenge

Happy June Solstice at Stonehenge

Its yet another potentially Happy June Solstice, as the SUN reaches its zenith point to the celestial equator – the triggering that happens with the Solstice. At its most potent, the Sun’s energy can teach us much about how we came to this planet and the veils we passed through. It can assist us in developing our light and clearing the shadow, and helps us connect to the cosmos and our planet. To tap into these energies we can meditate, perform rituals, take walks at night by the light of the stars, and consciously open our hearts, minds and subtle bodies to the energies and vibrations of the movements of the heavenly bodies.

Photographic Images of Sites hold the Vibration

We can also connect to photographic images of neolithic sites and monuments to absorb their energies and teachings. To do this we sit quietly and have the image in front of us. We then soften the focus of our eyes and let the image begin to show itself – its colours, distinctive shapes, and anything else that we are drawn to look at. Once the image has become clear we then drop our attention to our heart and let the image connect to our emotional and non-verbal aspects of self. Then we take our focus to our breath and begin to breathe in the energy of the image. Using a count of 7-1-7-1 – breathe in for seven, hold for one, breathe out for seven, hold for one. Like before, it may be the colours in the image, the shapes, or some other part that first calls us to breathe them in. Keep breathing in the energies and after some time we find our hearts and other subtle bodies open fully to what they have to share. This image taken at Stonehenge at sunrise on a previous Solstice will assist you in achieving a happy June Solstice in 2015:

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