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Paying Attention and Developing Awareness to Create a Peaceful World

As the fear and violence in our collective consciousness comes to the surface, it is time to start paying attention and developing awareness to create a peaceful world.

We are all connected and nothing exists in isolation, and we need to be clear what we are contributing to and helping to manifest in our own lives, in our communities, in the cosmos and on the planet.

Creating a peaceful word by paying attention

Creating a peaceful word by paying attention

I have had numerous discussions with groups and individuals, as they try to make sense of the growing fear and violence across governments and countries. Many people are frustrated and frightened and wonder what the world is coming to. Lots of individuals believe it is part of a long term plan to create a new world order and don’t want to feed it, but feel powerless to what is occurring and uncertain how to step out of any unconscious individual and collective programming that is contributing to it.

Many people say they want peace yet they have angry and violent thoughts, and this is why paying attention and developing awareness is important.

Our left brains separate, compartmentalise and compare and contrast everything in order to make sense of what is happening in our world. This left brain thinking which our scientific and industrial world loves, feeds fear, anger and powerlessness because it sees differences; what doesn’t fit; and all the things that don’t belong. The left brain will not surrender. It must examine, clarify and define everything and then isolate, punish or control that which doesn’t belong.

Our right brain however, the thinking hemisphere that links into the divine feminine, holistic awareness and spiritual understanding, experiences everything as connected. It uses intuition, non-verbal cues, feelings and sensations to recognise and make sense of the world. It knows that nothing exists in isolation, that everything belongs, and there is no-thing and no-one to fear.

If peace, personal development and spiritual evolution is what we really want and truly believe in, every one of us needs to commit to it and begin paying attention and developing awareness.

We need to embrace the universal consciousness that is the foundation of all matter, and directly experience the love that is part of the blueprint for all living things. Violence breeds violence, fear feeds fear, and love creates love.

Violent thoughts, an eye for an eye mentality and knee jerk reactions feed fear and anger. Attending to the monkey mind; developing mindfulness; and releasing power and anger patterns bring about deep seated change. They help us settle our fears, and embrace the unfamiliar and unknown. Developing our intuition and gut reactions helps us step out of any mass consciousness programming and unconscious thoughts patterns. It also strengthens our capacity for truly knowing what we need to do and when. And helps us trust those gut reactions that tell us something is a lie.

We also need to pay attention in every minute to our thoughts, our beliefs, our desires, and our wants.

The thoughts, beliefs, desires and wants that we experience are not permanent and they are not who we truly are. The more we pay attention to their existence, rather than unconsciously feed them, the clearer we become and the more peacefully we live. As you pay attention, add some creativity, personal responsibility and an attitude of gratitude, and your personal vibration and frequency will lift.

The things that currently worry you will no longer be of concern and your heart will be at ease in the world. A sense of joy will bubble up inside you, and regardless of what happens in the outer world, your inner world will stay constant, and connected, living consciously in universal consciousness, feeding the matrix with peace and love.

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