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Art Psychotherapies Help to Heal Post Traumatic Stress and Trauma

Art Psychotherapies are an important resource for Trauma Release. They offer safe access to feelings and memories, and provide positive, nurturing experiences. All of which help to heal Post Traumatic Stress.

Since the events in Paris, French psychologists and psychotherapists are helping people who are experiencing Post Traumatic Stress. They are listening to people’s stories and helping them process their experiences.

Art Therapies Help to Heal Post Traumatic Stress

Art psychotherapy can help to heal post traumatic stress

People who were nearby and observed the events will have different needs to those who were actually survivors in buildings or on the streets. As the shock settles, and the gap between imagined truth and direct experience becomes clearer, the mind and body of an individual exposed to mental, physical and emotional trauma responds in ways that are unsettling and can be frightening.

While many people believe that artistic therapies help relax the client and assist in stress reduction, they actually do much more when used by skilled, trained art therapists and can provide valuable help to heal post traumatic stress.

Artistic Therapies Assist With Trauma

Artistic therapies can help the mind and body re-frame the Trauma. They assist in releasing the ‘energetic stamp’ that creates overwhelming feelings, confusion, nightmares and physical fear responses. They also help individuals engage with survivor guilt and other associated feelings from such events.

Therapies that use art to help heal post traumatic stress, can be used with children, adults, males, females, groups and communities, and can be used to assist in both short and long term mental health needs. In crisis situations they are effective, as they by-pass the thinking mind and access the non-verbal, feeling parts of the client. This helps the client safely explore and resolve issues that cannot be spoken about yet need to be accessed, released and healed.

Seeking Help

If you are in France and need help, or if you saw or heard things on the media that have activated fears and phobias, strange thoughts and feelings of powerlessness, look for a therapist who can help to heal the post traumatic stress and trauma. If possible seek out an art therapist who can help you bypass the monkey mind; safely explore fearful thoughts and bodily reactions; and help you re-integrate, re-form and heal your mind, body and spirit. If you have a specific problem you need to talk about in relation to your reaction to the events in France and other countries, or are interested in doing art therapy to explore other issues, you can contact Paulina today. You can also connect with her on Facebook, read more about her art therapy services or sign up for her blog

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