Change and Transformation in 2016

The Cosmic Energies of the New Year are Pushing us
Towards Deep Change and Transformation 

While change is a constant in our universe, it is often ‘progressive’ rather than positively transforming.

Yet as we enter 2016, we are all bathing in cosmic energy that is facilitating positive transformative change that comes from new ideas and new directions. This means leaving the past behind us, and establishing the new forms we wish to embody. We may be prompted to leave relationships, move house, start new jobs and change our lifestyles. But it is important that we don’t do this mindlessly.

Humanity as a collective is on a journey towards spiritual evolution and deep soul connection and so for each of us, every individual on the planet, the change that we embrace and embody is aimed towards transforming our lives to higher states of being. To live in Grace. To live in Service. To live in Peace. And to live in Joy.

States of Being

These are states of being that we were born into but have forgotten. While this reminds us to remember that which we are not, it also prompts us to engage with awareness and responsibility to that which we continue to create and respond to.

As we consider our new directions, and the change and transformation we want in 2016 (and the years ahead), our heavenly bodies are prompting consciousness that embodies the NEW. Not simply patterns that are replayed. This means trying new ways of being, letting go of attachment to routine and being willing to change.

Willingness to Change

If we are not willing to change but simply follow the motions, or worse dig our heels in and won’t budge, the potential transformation and remedy for positive change can act in opposition in our lives and we begin to feel resistant, powerless, often unwell and certainly out of control.

Then we experience the frequency of shock in the subtle bodies that affects our mind, body, emotions and spirit on a more permanent basis. We begin to feel tired, lacking in energy and out-of-sorts all the time. We may not be able to sleep, and find no enjoyment in anything we do, which in turn can lead to a greater state of physical unwellness, perpetual anxiety and profound depression.

If we look around the world and our own lives we can see some of these subtle and more obvious effects of our perpetual resistance to change, as our entire species engages with this prompting – this persistent energy of change and transformation that we are living in.

So perhaps the mantra for all thinking pursuits and projects for this year is ‘I willingly and graciously embrace change and transformation that is positive and new’.

Things We Can Do To Change and Transform Our Frequency

Changing what we put into our bodies, embracing healing techniques and using energy as medicine can facilitate our subtle bodies as we experience these changes and when we research the past twenty years we can see how these old but ‘new’ modalities have come back into our consciousness and skill set so that we can re-learn how to help ourselves and others at this time of great change.

Colour healing is also a very good way of working with vibrations, tensions and stagnation in the subtle bodies that comes from resistance to change.

sunset fo change and transformation

First sunset 2016

This photograph, of the first sunset for 2016, will help clear the subtle bodies in the days weeks and months ahead. The Orange in the sky and reflected on the water is profoundly healing. It helps the mind shift into a state of grace and spiritual understanding, and enables the release of shock and trauma in the subtle bodies. Soak up the colour and energies of the sunset whenever you can. It will keep you grounded, clear away any shock residue and fill your heart with joy!

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