Dancing to Connect

In Shamanic societies, if you visit a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they ask one or more of these four questions:

1. When did you stop Dancing?
2. When did you stop Singing?
3. When did you stop being Enchanted by Stories?
4. When did you stop finding comfort in the Sweet Territory of Silence?

Dancing to Connect

dancing to connect helps us have fun, heal and feel our spirit

Dancing to Connect

Recently I did a drumming session with a woman to cleanse and clear her energy field. As I drummed around her body, listened to the sound of the drum and tuned into her subtle body energies, I had a sense that she had been a professional dancer and no longer danced. I asked her when she last danced. She said – ‘oh I used to dance but haven’t done for years, because I had a back injury’.

We talked a bit about her back injury and I established what she could and couldn’t do. Then I asked her when was the last time she danced for fun – maybe while listening to music as she cooked, or perhaps with her dog – because they love to dance. She said she had only ever danced to display techniques and skill.

I suggested it was time for her to dance like no-one was watching and simply have fun. As she took this information to heart she began to smile and was looking forward to her homework.

So….. When was the last time you danced, sang, listened to stories, read poetry, painted a picture, or simply sat in the sweet territory of silence? If it wasn’t in the last seven days give yourself a treat this weekend and fill your heart, cleanse your spirit and lift the depression:

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