Should We Go Into The Light When We DIE?

Researchers in the fields of Near Death Experiences, Ufology and Conspiracy Theories are currently asking the question ‘Should We Go Into The Light At The Time of Death, Or Should We Avoid It?

Should we go into the light

At this time of our shifting consciousness questions are being asked about the cycle of reincarnation, what the Afterlife really is, and whether the Other Worlds are really just examples of Mind Control and Collective Programming. Some people are saying that when we die we should not go towards the Light, or into the Tunnel as this means that we risk reincarnating for the benefit of deceptive self-serving multi-dimensional beings.

As a result of these changing beliefs, I have had conversations with concerned individuals that have focused on whether or not we should go into the Light – as it may be a trap; and whether or not the Tunnel that people enter is actually the real Afterlife. While these conversations were responses to other people’s ideas, rather than my beliefs or experiences, I think they are important considerations in how we access the truth of who we are, and the truth about the fourth dimension and astral realms.

Near Death Experiences and Research into the Light

What happens during an NDE and where do we go?

My Near Death Experience occurred in the 1980’s when research about ‘what happened’ and ‘who experienced what’ during a near death was just becoming an Agenda in the Quest for Understanding – in the fields of Medicine, Psychology, Science and the Paranormal. The idea of a) going towards the Light and b) travelling in a Tunnel to get there, were part of the criteria for definition of experiences. This categorisation helped the experiences to be defined, labelled and quantified, within the confines of the more scientific style of investigating NDE’s, OBE’s and the existence of a ‘Consciousness’ or ‘Conscious Awareness’ after the life of a physical body ends.

Why Is This Question Important

As our understanding of such experiences grows and we more collectively recognise 1) the existence of Other Realms/Worlds; 2) the potential for an Afterlife; and 3) a Control Agenda that has existed for millennia that involves the mind programming of our species; new belief systems are coming forward to be discussed and explored.

Are we the light?

Throughout our history esoteric and spiritual teachings have focused on helping acolytes journey back to source after death – helping them understand how to navigate the fourth dimension; clear their field of the potential energetic manipulation that we can experience in the astral realms; and return to the stars (which I discussed in my talk ‘Near Death Activations Encoded by the SOUL‘ at the Afterlife Explorers Conference in January 2017).

In my Near Death Experience I did not go into a Tunnel, but I was pulled by the energy/essence of my Third Eye. I experienced profound Light and the Audible Life Stream. My research into my own experiences with the Afterlife, the Audible Life Stream and the Other Side, coupled with my investigations into Eastern Philosophies; Indigenous Cultures; and Past Life Soul Journeys, lead me to believe that my Soul ‘knew’ how to navigate these waters and by-pass the potential entrapments of the Astral Realms. This ‘knowing’ was inherited from Past Lives and previous Soul Development and is part of what I came to share in this Life.

Seeking the Truth – Should We Go Into The Light

Investigating techniques for Living our Dying; Working to Clear our Subtle Bodies of the Imprints of Manipulation and Programming; Learning how to Drop into the Heart to experience Life; and Discovering how to Navigate the Fourth Dimension/Astral Realms; are part of the pathway forward to our greater understanding of what actually happens when we die. Helping people develop their skills in these areas is part of what I do – with my healing sessions, in workshops and in talks. Understanding these four things will enable humanity – individually and collectively – to discover the cosmic truth and free up any fear and manipulation we hold in our subtle bodies and past life patterning as to whether or not the light is real, is safe, or is part of the programming agenda.

Our definition of life and death changes

We also need to develop our ability to interact with the non-physical realities; learn how to recognise and believe our intuition; and live without focusing on the left brain to help us understand the world we live in. The left brain uses sequential thinking that relies on testing, measuring and comparison. This creates separation and judgement, and strengthens fear. It also enables the manipulation/programming agendas.

In my experiences the Afterlife is not a place of separation or judgement where some things are good and others are bad. And it is not a place of loneliness, isolation and uncertainty. The Afterlife is all-knowing, encompassing and liberating. It is timeless and eternal and embodies frequencies that are truly beyond manipulation and fear. We are IT and IT is us, and there is no veil of illusion, only mastery of the frequencies of Light. This Light is who we are, and the steps we take to avoid, embrace, surrender to, or become the Light, are part of our understanding of consciousness and the eternal journey of the SOUL.

Considering these aspects of the Afterlife and what the Light actually consists of, can help each of us answer the questions we may have about the Afterlife and whether or not to go into the light. They will also help to clear our fields of the imprints of fear and misunderstanding that are consistently generated into our collective to help make us muddled, unsure and forgetful of the real truth.

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