Transmute Our Energies With FIRE

Archetypal Stories Help Us Transmute Our Energies

I love stories and mythologies that are rich with symbol and metaphor. They help create meaning in our lives, and often provide esoteric wisdom and metaphysical insight that helps individuals and communities to grow personally and spiritually.

Ancient Myths and Stories

transmute our energies at fire ceremonies and gatherings

Stories and gatherings

In the past, symbolic, archetypal and mythological stories were told at firesides, sung in ceremony, and performed at festivals, in order to help individuals and communities understand and make sense of the world they lived in. They also aimed to give pleasure, insight and powerful teachings to acolytes.

Transmute our Energies with Fire

One story that always moves me, comes from the Cherokee and teaches us about transmuting our energies with FIRE. The first time I heard it, I cried. It reached into my soul, opened my heart, and connected me to the Stars. It is called ‘We Come From The Stars, and So We Shall Return’:

A Vision had been received, and a Great Council Meeting was arranged. Word was shared with the power of the Drum and telepathically, across the ethers, and the Leaders, Families, Elders, Healers and Warriors travelled many miles to gather.

At the Great Council Meeting the Vision was shared. Everyone present was told – ‘In the future the world will be very different, men will come with machines that steal the thunder, they will bring illness, and kill the buffalo. Our people will lose our land and many will die’.

It was decided at this Great Council that a Sacrifice was necessary – to Sacrifice the best of the Tribes to create a better future for the next Seven Generations. So a Great FIRE was built, and the Drums began to Beat. One by one the Elders, Healers, Leaders, Warriors and the best of the Tribes gathered near the FIRE.

The FIRE grew, its heat increased and the flames reached heavenward, as the smoke drifted towards the stars. The people gathered to support the best of the Tribes and they sang and chanted –

Walk into the Holy Fire, Walk into the Holy Flame,
Step into the Holy Fire, Step into the Holy Flame.

One by one the best of the Tribes walked into the FIRE – their bodies, their energies and their gifts went up to the Stars, up to the Pleiades, the ancient and cosmic home of the Ancestors, to fulfil the prophecies and help sustain the future for the next seven generations.

Symbolic References

I am always moved by this story because it resonates with past life memories and re-connects me to the person who first told me this story many years ago. It also feeds my Indigenous soul as it uses the Native American system of esoteric teaching and embraces their connection to the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters, and the Seven Generations.

It also resonates with me symbolically because it contains profound spiritual insights about the power of how we can Transmute our Energies Through Fire, and the Sacrifice of the Elders, Healers, Best and Wisest in the Fire, reaches through our veil of forgetfulness and helps us to remember the concept of ‘The BURN’.

What is The BURN?

‘The BURN’ is the Transmutation of our Energies as we surrender the Ego to the SOUL and the God within.  We BURN our Shadow, we surrender our Egoic debris and we let it BURN to find the Truth – The Truth about the body, thoughts and desires and What We ARE NOT.

transmute our energies with the Violet Flame

Violet Flame

St Germain teaches about ‘The BURN’ via the Violet Flame, and shows how to engage with it to physically and spiritually Transmute our Energies to become the Golden Being that We Truly Are.

His Violet FLAME burns in the higher dimensions, on the Lilac/Purple/Violet Master Ray, and creates an Alchemical Process that changes our subtle bodies and energetic frequencies through the power of the Eternal Fire.

This Transmutation of Energy or ‘The BURN’ is encountered in meditation and yoga classes, spiritual gatherings and healing workshops, as people interact with the Energies of the Sun, and the Healing Power of Light. It is also what is being scientifically and chemically explored in Laboratories in the Quest to Transmute Mercury into Gold.

The Power of ‘The BURN’ also resonates with the Teachings of the Rajas; the Wisdom of the Buddhists; the Medieval Quest for the Holy Grail; the Rebirth of the Phoenix; and the Process of Ascension for Spiritualists. All of which use allegory and mythology to help students engage with the subtle but profound process of Transmutation Through FIRE.

How Stories Can Help Transmute our Energies

Using Storytelling to help acolytes learn spiritual wisdom has been used by teachers for thousands of years. Stories help the listener retain information and create meaningful relationships with the characters and their experiences; and if a story is emotionally charged, it releases dopamine into the body system making it more personal and easier to remember. Stories also help the listener access more of their brain to ‘process’ the story and make sense of it.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, groups of listeners will experience similar brain activity to each other, as well as the actual storyteller – so that wisdom and understanding is also empathically exchanged, which provides a whole new meaning to the wisdom of storytelling to share esoteric and spiritual truths, as it can exchange information, imprints and profound insights in ways that the left brain simply cannot identify, test or measure.

This helps to ensure that even esoteric wisdom that has been ‘lost’ or ‘forgotten’ can be remembered and re-imprinted in our consciousness by re-connecting to the threads of the esoteric teachings that exist in the archetypal and mythological stories that are told in all cultures across our planet.

The story ‘We come from the Stars and so we shall Return’ is just one of many that is told in the  Indigenous cultures around the world, and all of them have differing themes, but similar intent – to teach students and acolytes about energy and consciousness, and help them remember their connection to the STARS and ALL THAT IS.

As you explore others, read them, hear them spoken and engage with their deeper meaning, they will teach you much about our multi-dimensional universe and how it all inter-connects.  But always we need to burn and transmute our energies through fire.

So Feel The BURN and Lets Transmute Our Energies With Fire Whenever We Can

Love The BURN and Embrace it!

Each of us can Transmute our Energies and are meant to feel The BURN – not through physiological exercise as our physical trainers suggest – but through Transformation of the Energies in our Subtle Bodies.

Every thought we have, every feeling we experience, and every desire that fills our heart, is something that we can surrender to the Eternal Fire for Transmutation. Surrender and BURN. Surrendering from day to day, hour to hour and moment to moment, Transmuting our Energies and becoming the Golden Beings of Light That We Truly ARE.


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