Clearing Ancestral Trauma Held in The Subtle Bodies

Are You Being Called to Heal and Cleanse Ancestral Trauma From Your Subtle Bodies?

As the energy frequencies change and we are elevated to new states of consciousness any ‘ancestral’ trauma that is stored in our subtle bodies gets activated. It may be from previous lifetimes, from other NOW lifetimes that our Soul is currently experiencing, or it could be trans-generational or collective.

Studies of DNA, genetics, social patterns and behaviours, stress and resiliency, attachment disorders, PTSD and more, have confirmed how stress and trauma may be carried over to children and grandchildren, and it can now be proved that genetic imprints of traumatic experiences can be passed from one generation to another.

‘Collective’ trauma describes how traumatic experiences are shared by a group of people or even an entire society, and can remain chronic and carry over into future generations. My work with the imprints from earlier civilisations, that explore our collective memories from the Flood, our falls of consciousness, the ‘sinking’ of Atlantis, the collapse of Mu, and the impact of many past events on this planet, indicate to me just how much trauma our collective species is carrying within our DNA and social patterning about past events and realities. As our DNA is activated and expanded this will impact us and our energy levels

Clearing the Patterns of Trauma

Clearing unconscious memories and energetic imprints from past and future lives can help this, as can energetic work and multi-dimensional healing. Stepping out of the fear paradigm and recognising the mythic and archetypal resonances that fuel us will also help. Herbs, plants, the energy of our food and the way we think, feel and act can also impact how we clear or hold these patterns in our subtle bodies.

Homeopathy can help us too at this time, as it works on an energetic level and can cleanse and release ancestral trauma from our cells, our subtle bodies, and our Soul memory. It can help cleanse isolation and despair, deep seated fear and anger, anxiety and depression.

There are of course many modalities we can use and interact with at this time to help us clear ancestral trauma and you will know what is right for you. What is important to remember is to be easy on yourself, and love your thoughts, your emotions and your body.

Moving Permanently to Higher Frequencies

Moving towards a permanent, holistic elevation of frequencies that resonate higher than 3D is a process and it involves a mix of shedding and elevation. Shedding the old, healing trauma and cleansing primal wounds takes as long as it takes, and there are often many layers to our inner onion.

But the call is out there and it is impacting us from within and without in every millisecond of our existence. NOW is the time to heal old wounds, to cleanse all sense of separation and remember the Sovereign Shiny Beings that we truly are.

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