Arcturan Healers Work With The Light

Arcturan Healers Work with the LIGHT

I am fortunate to have a relationship with a group of Arcturan Healers who often assist me in my healing and energy work. They can manifest as ‘spirit’ doctors, and ‘spirit’ vets to help clear and balance the energy fields of humans, animals and plants, and they can manifest in other forms to assist in the Earth energy work that I do.

LIGHT In the Energy Field

Arcturan Healers help with the light One of the most intriguing and exciting healing powers that the Arcturans possess is their ability to increase our LIGHT Quotient. In simple terms, LIGHT Quotient is the available amount of LIGHT energy that we maintain in our energy field, and it is increased by our ability to sustain a connection to the higher realms of consciousness and maintain this connection in a stable manner.

As we raise our vibration, and resonate with higher energies and a higher reality, we must raise our ability to anchor or ground this vibration and expand our consciousness.

Increasing LIGHT in the Body

So a high LIGHT Quotient is what we need. But we need to be able to Anchor our LIGHT and sustain it in our frequencies, because without the ability to Anchor the LIGHT we will reach new heights of awareness and have peak experiences, but we will never stabilise the new level of consciousness permanently in our life.

Work with the LIGHT to Clear the Shadow

This is what I do with people, plants, animals, and the Earth, in partnership with the Arcturans and many other helpers. I work to clear the shadow, bring in the LIGHT, help raise frequencies AND Anchor the LIGHT, so that our individual and collective level of Consciousness can be maintained in the LIGHT and we can consciously engage with 5D reality everyday.

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