Celestial Energies and Soul Sovereignty

Celestial Energies and Soul Sovereignty –
The Relationship Between Heaven and Soul

image by paulina of sunset at equinoxCelestial Energies and Soul Sovereignty are innately interlinked for us Humans. All the mythic stories that tell us about the lives and dramas of the Gods and Goddesses, Angels, and Star Beings, are references to our cosmic ancestry and our connection to what happens in the heavens. This helps us understand our star origins through the use of symbol and metaphor, and helps us link Heaven and Soul in our every day life.

But we are also energetically linked to the stars and celestial bodies via our DNA, and at this time in our spiritual evolution, our human DNA strands are expanding to facilitate our growing awareness; and help us remember our inherent relationship with the Stars. The expansion is happening on a daily basis and is assisted by the movements and cycles of the celestial bodies.

Linking Celestial Energies and Soul Sovereignty in September

In September our subtle bodies and genetic DNA were greatly by celestial energies. With a blood Moon, Mercury in retrograde, expansive energy ‘hits’ from the White Sun, and the Equinox on the 23rd, many people have been feeling bombarded by the incoming energies and more than a bit out of sorts.

In my conversations with friends and colleagues, and in my skype and personal sessions with clients, I have sensed a collective weariness and potential for overwhelm as our bodies, hearts and minds are prompted to heal old thought patterns, clear energy at a cellular level, and attend to all or any addictive emotions, thoughts and behaviours. We are of course catching up with the knowing and awareness of our unique Souls and each of us has our own journey to travel to enable our Soul energies to manifest every day.

Transmutation is on the Rise

We are transmuting our vibrational template; entering new frequencies; changing body and bone shape; and embracing new ideologies and belief systems. No wonder we are feeling tired and as some have said – ‘a bit fragile’ – because these celestial energies are transforming our lives.

Many people don’t like change and resist it, and many people want ‘to get out of here and go home’. It is important to remember that what is currently happening within and through each of us on this planet, is what our Soul’s volunteered to be a part of, and what we have been primed to get ready for, for many years.

For some people much of the getting ready or preparation work has been done, and the energies coming in are now working at a fine level of attuning – kind of tweaking the template of who we are – to help us live each day with Soul.

Reclaiming Personal Sovereignty

If however you have avoided the prompts of the past, played ostrich, kept your head in the sand and avoided opening your heart; or are new to the understanding of personal responsibility, multi-dimensional realities and spiritual awakening; these new frequencies may feel as if you have been hit by a ‘bus’ as their power encourages us to engage with our heart and soul energies to navigate them.

But hang in there, because every bombardment fills us with more light and helps us step closer to our truest nature. Joy is who we are, and love is all there is, and these energies and frequencies are liberating each of us from the shackles of our perceived illusions and loss of sovereignty – leading us ever closer to engaging with ourselves and others with personal mastery and responsibility.


Responsibility is only ever our ability to respond, and our ability to respond to our lives with joy and awareness rather than pain-filled sleepiness is manifesting with greater clarity every day. Paying attention is part of the clue to responding and helps us master our emotions; manage our thoughts; and attend to what is present rather than respond from addictive and emotional patterning. So as October manifests more growth opportunities for each of us, my thoughts are with each of you as you navigate the pathways of engaging more deeply with your Soul essence.

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