Gosford Glyphs And Sightings – Is There A Connection?

Gosford Glyphs And Sightings

(Copyright Paulina Howfield, 2018)

The Gosford Glyphs, also known as the Kariong Glyphs, are located about 60 kms north of Sydney in the Brisbane National Park.

While they are not easy to find, the Gosford Glyphs (carvings in stone) have been visited, photographed and researched by many people over the years, including archaeologists and scientists, and have been the subject of many discussions.

There are numerous explanations and theories about these carvings. Questions most people ask about the Gosford Glyphs are – Who put them there and when? Why were they drawn? What do they mean? Do they change the story of the history of Australia and perhaps the world?

There are also different questions posed by one investigator who believes that the area also houses a monolithic tomb that is constructed in the shape of the ‘Leg of the Bull’ (a symbol of a connection to the Pleiades). In his view, this information, alongside the story deciphered in the Gosford Glyphs – about two high ranking Egyptians who were shipwrecked in this area over 4,500 years ago – points to a relationship with a celestial ship that links back to cosmic origins, or at the very least, to whoever drew them having an in-depth knowledge about the cosmos. With further investigations he is certain that the site will elevate the ‘star visitor theory’ to match the same Pleiadian history that he has found in other ancient sites around the world, and in the creation stories of the local original people.

Stellar Connections At Sites

In my work as an esoteric map-maker, I have visited and interacted with many ancient and megalithic sites around the world, and have encountered numerous places that have images and symbols that identify specific constellations. Often these symbols also hold ‘energetic imprints’ and ‘resonances’ that work like portals and link the viewer and visitor to planetary bodies and constellations throughout the cosmos.

I have interacted with sites that link into almost any place in the Universe. Many connect to the Pleiades, Sirius, Orion, Cygnus, Draco, Arcturus, Alpha Centauri and Andromeda, and the Original People – who hold the knowledge of these places – always suggest that these Sites link them to their cosmic origins and connections to the Stars.

The cultures that created these drawings and symbols left valuable information and knowledge that we can access – we just need to know how. This is why I teach how to interact with the Soul Consciousness of the Earth; show how to ‘read’ the clues that are shared in World Mythologies; and help people develop their clairvoyance; because strengthening these skills can help us to decipher the clues and the teachings that were left behind by our ancestral and cosmic ancestors, and also links us into the multiple dimensions of galactic consciousness.

Interacting with sites via their energetic imprints and archetypal resonances enables us to fully experience the portals and multi-dimensional layers of each Site. As this becomes more common place and we move toward a collective acceptance of what we can discover through this line of research, the discussions about the Gosford Glyphs and other places will change, and I look forward to the new developments and discoveries that result.

Glyphs and Sightings

I also wonder if the Gosford glyphs or the rocks themselves, have any impact on the amount of craft and unexplained phenomena that occur in the area, because Gosford and Kariong have a high rate of sightings.

There are government and military bases in the area that may explain the appearance of some lights and vehicles in the sky and may also perhaps ‘attract’ our cosmic friends. But there are so many sightings, that it raises questions in my mind about the rocks themselves and any magnetic resonances that they have; the effects of any underground or surface water; and the existence of and influences by any energy lines in the area.

Wiltshire in the UK

Many sacred sites and megalithic structures on our planet were built in areas where the electro-magnetic frequencies are conductive, and the telluric energies have a different frequency. An example of this is Wiltshire in the UK which is a chalk basin that acts as a conductor of electricity. It has a high rate of unexplained sightings and is the area where many of the crop circles show up every year. It is also where some of the world’s best known megalithic structures were built – Stonehenge, Avebury Stone Circle, West Kennett and the Rollright Stones – all constructed within easy reach of each other, and all showing detectable rises in electro-magnetic radiation within their shape and form. Silbury Hill, also in this area, is a pyramid made from chalk that at times acts as a huge quartz crystal, radiating energy outwards from its centre. No wonder perhaps that at least one crop circle arrives in its adjacent fields every year.

So, with regard to the sightings and anomalies that occur in the Gosford and Kariong area, it makes sense that the sandstone rocks, as well as any granite and limestone that may be present, could be acting as electrical conductors, which may mean they act as calling cards to unexplained flying objects, and are also places where the veils are thin and different dimensions and frequencies intermingle.

We Still Have Much To Learn

Of course there are many things that may be contributing to, or impacting, the frequency of sightings in this area, because in truth we still have much to discover about our planet’s visitation history, her many energetic resonances, our cosmic ancestry, and the real history of our planet. So there is still much to learn and not just through scientific endeavour, because in my opinion, if we continue to look for explanations within the confines of our current logic and understanding, we may a) miss the real truth of what is happening and why; b) not discover any connection between sites and sightings because it does not belong in current scientific parameters; and c) miss the potential for deeper understanding and changes in consciousness that UFOs, paranormal and so-called ‘weird’ anomalies present.

When people have encounters with unexplained phenomena and sightings of strange things, it often changes them and encourages them to review their life experiences and personal beliefs. The same happens for some people when they visit the Gosford Glyphs and other sites where images are inscribed. The energies present in the images have a morphic field that reaches into our hearts and merges with our own resonance. In these moments we can be transported – into past or future lives, different dimensions, other planets and multiple frequencies. We have yet to fully understand all that these experiences mean……but at least we can have some interesting experiences as we travel on our journey of discovery that ultimately leads us back to the Stars from whence we came.


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