Consciousness of Water

The Consciousness of Water in 2019

According to the Pleiadeans throughout this year, each of us will benefit from developing a personal relationship with the Consciousness of Water.

water and relationships with the natural worldThis is not just about our bodies, how hydrated we are, and how much Water we use to wash and clean our bodies and our homes. It is also about Consciousness and our Relationship to the Natural World.

Do you think of Water as being Alive? Or is Water just a Resource that will keep YOU Alive?

Water – like all things – has a Consciousness that we can learn to interact with? Not just for the purposes of agriculture, or drinking needs, but to develop an understanding about the life force, power and energy of Water.

Indigenous Cultures across the planet know how to honour the consciousness of Water, and many can call in the energies and interact with them when needed. But what kind of relationship do you have with Water?

Are you Grateful for Water? Not just at times of drought, or extreme thirst, but every day?

Do you Appreciate the clean Water resources we still have..the rivers, the oceans and the smallest streams?

Throughout 2019, we each have 365 days to embrace our relationship with Water and start interacting with her unique Consciousness. This will not only help the Consciousness of Water but also the Consciousness of our Planet. It will also bring us ever closer to living soulful inter- connected lives.

This beautiful short video shares insights into the Consciousness of Water and how one woman engages with it:


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