Energy Template at Notre Dame, and the Divine Feminine

What Effect Does The Energy Template At Notre Dame Have On Our Collective Consciousness?

What can we learn, when we explore effects of the energy template on our daily lives?

Paulina Howfield believes the effects of the fire on the energy template at Notre Dame gives us an opportunity to explore, cleanse and heal shadow or unconscious aspects in ourselves and in the community as a whole.

In her work as an Earth Energy Specialist, Grid Engineer and Esoteric Map-maker, Paulina has interacted with many energy templates all over the planet. Part of her work at the ‘energy’ templates at sacred sites and other places is to investigate their relationship to our collective well-being, explore their shadow energies and establish their effect(s) on how well we embrace or deflect their ancient wisdom and encoded light frequencies.

Since the 1980s she has clairvoyantly and geomantically interacted with the energy template that Notre Dame Cathedral is part of, and believes it is an ancient template that has deep connections to the consciousness of the Divine Feminine and our galactic memory of Isis. It was also deliberately placed over specific energy lines in order to influence: the collective symbolic and mythic consciousness of humans; and the vibrational frequency of our planet.

In the video below, she discusses the many layers of the energy template, how it has been imprinted throughout history, and its effects on our collective mythic and symbolic consciousness. She believes the effect of the fire on our collective unconscious provides us with an opportunity for deeper healing of our collective shadow.

Exploring such templates helps us step out of the collective programming and into the Light of who we are. It also gives us a chance to discover more hidden knowledge:

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