Planetary Alignments Can Help Heal Old Wounds

Are you ready to be Conscious? To be Awake to Who YOU really Are, and live your life free from old wounds, unwanted behaviours and distressing thoughts?

If so, the current Planetary Alignments can help heal old wounds and help you take that next step into the conscious awareness of who you really are

We are currently experiencing Moon & Chiron in Aries, South Node with Pluto (which has not occurred since 1776), and according to astrologists, these celestial bodies and accompanying heavenly energies, are prompting each of us to heal and en’light’en in deeply profound ways.

To do this deep healing we each need to actively engage with all that we are feeling. To investigate and ‘wake up’ to the unconscious thoughts and feelings that lead us, and to see clearly the patterns that fuel us. This is because we are being prompted, for the first time in 243 years, to actively feel and heal the full weight of our own personal ancestral wounds, and those of our collective consciousness.

So this is our current mission, if we so choose. But it is not a passive mission. It is a time to engage, to go against the grain of the collective ideal, as well as our own cultural programming.

This requires courage and decisiveness. But I know that we can all do it. This is what we came for, and the time is Now!

Here are some questions that can help heal old wounds. If you ask them with an open heart and answer them honestly they will help you gain clarity as you undertake this personal mission:

  • What am I willing to release and die to in my life today?

  • What unhelpful messages from my parents/ancestors have I programmed into my life?

  • What emotional, physical, mental or spiritual wounds are manifesting in my life?

  • Where am I carrying any burdens of the past (ancestrally, in this life, and in past lives)?

  • What, if anything, am I denying or distorting?

  • Where am I holding the pain of these wounds in my body?

  • How does the pain of these wounds manifest in my relationships?

  • How does this pain affect me on a daily basis?

  • Have I lost my way and my own personal direction of truth because of these wounds?

  • What, if anything, have I forgotten to do?

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