Channelled Information in Star Trek

Many movies, books and TV programmes incorporate channelled information from entities, non-human intelligences and beings in higher realms.

Sometimes the teachings come from an author or producer’s direct personal contact with beings or UFOs, sometimes the information comes via dreams, or meditations or from DMT experiences, but often the information used in plot-lines, as well as particular characters, is a result of knowledge and insights gained in channeling groups, and is considered channelled information.

Quite a bit of the material that was put into the Star Trek series came from Gene Roddenberry’s experiences in channelling and seance groups. One of the groups he regularly attended met in the US in the 1980s, where information from a ‘Council of Nine’ was channelled by Phyllis V. Schlemmer.

Asking Questions

At the meetings where Phyllis channelled, members and visitors could ask questions of the Council. Gene Roddenberry got to ask questions that helped him make sense of other worlds, and find out who the actual Council were. The conversations that took place in these meetings also influenced the content of his scripts.

How do we know this? Because members of the group eventually transcribed a book of the Channellings, and Gene is mentioned in the book as a participant and there are some transcripts of his questions and answers as well. The book is called ‘Earth – The Only Planet of Choice’, and was edited by Palden Jenkins. It was published in the 1980s.

What Is In The Book?

On the cover of the book – which I have read numerous times since it was first published – the editor says…..This work is the result of 20 years of psychic communications with the Council of Nine, the Elohim or Aeons and is made up of transcripts of direct communications between a distinguished group of people and the Nine, plus commentaries by the author. It contains information about planet earth, God, the universe, ETs, earth’s ancient history, inner growth and the roots, causes and resolution of world catastrophe; and forms a full picture of the ET view of life on earth, offering detailed hints on how the crises in the world can be resolved, and how humanity’s evolution can be accelerated. There is a strong emphasis on human choice and free-will.

So next time you are watching a mainstream movie or reading a popular book, do a bit of research and you may find that the creator has had Contact with other beings, or experiences in channeling groups, and is sharing what they have learnt not just to entertain you, but to educate you as well.


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