Aquarius and Leo this Full Moon

The Cosmic Energies of Aquarius and Leo Make This Full Moon Powerful!

The current full moon in Aquarius is in exact opposition to the Sun sign of Leo, and creates a battle in our psyches between all that we know and everything that we have yet to find out.

It’s a heart versus mind thing between Aquarius and Leo that can work as a push me, pull me sensation in our inner self as we are prompted to consider the bigger humanitarian picture and how to make the world a better place (Aquarius) versus what do I want?, what do I need?, what do I know? and how can I use it? (Leo).

Add to that the energies of Venus and Mars in opposition to the Aquarian moon, and there is yet another layer as we are prompted to explore and realize truths and feelings that we have perhaps never explored regarding our love and social lives. Phew!

Fortunately, the expansive and optimistic Jupiter, which encourages growth is also affecting the Sun – opening our sense of self and making it something much larger and more powerful.

Plus, Neptune (planet of dreams and spirituality) is forming a healing sextile with Saturn (planet of long-term commitment), which will help us to better see that bigger picture and focus on separating ourself from our ego.

As the energy of Aquarius and Leo impact our frequencies I am loving how the stars, planets and cosmos continue to push us to change and grow. Can you feel all those influences in your own life? Are you ready to be the cosmic, galactic self you were born to be? Let Aquarius and Leo do their thing in your life and and let the real you come out to play on this wild ride we call life

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